My most recent (and so far, favorite) section of Composition I has been pop-culture centric. Many thanks to the fine folks at Barrelhouse for providing me with so much great material. Many of the readings I’ve used in this course were drawn from their first nonfiction anthology Bring the Noise (which I would likely add as a required text if I taught this class again).

Composition I Syllabus, Fall 2014

The course was split into the following three units. I’ve included the assignment sheets, as well as a few sample readings I gave students to help contextualize the assignments. Readings are included here for educational purposes only.

Personal Narrative

Cultural Analysis

Multi-Genre Synthesis

Note: none of the readings for this unit fully approximate a multi-genre approach, but were instead designed to show students a variety of genre possibilities, or to demonstrate a segmented structural approach to narrative.


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